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Financial policy

What are the sources of income of Leiden University? And how do we preserve the effectiveness and reliability of the University? Below you will find more information about our financial policy.

Central government grant and funding

Government funds and the tuition fee form the most important source of income of Leiden University. Read more about the other streams of income, the distribution of funds and the Treasury.

Planning & Control cycle

Here will you read more about the different components of the Planning & Control cycle:

Finance guide and regulations

The Finance Guide contains all agreements relating to financial operations at the University. Financial Economic Affairs (FEZ) is responsible for the Guide. The University’s financial management and reports are based on various regulations and guidelines.

Financial audit and project reports

The internal auditor appraises the effectiveness and reliability of the internal organisation of Leiden University. An external auditor provides an auditor’s financial report. This is an important aspect of project funder reports.

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