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Human Resources

Here you will find information about our HR policy. From salary scales to career guidance, and from confidential counsellors to various insurance (schemes) at an attractive discount.

New staff

Are you about to start your new job at Leiden University? Or did you just start? Part of this website is dedicated to information for new employees.

Employment, salary and allowance

Do you want to see the salary scales? Do you want to know what your basic leave entitlement is? Or do you want to submit an expense claim? 

P&D interviews

Once a year a Performance and Development (P&D) Interview is conducted between you and your supervisor. The interview is the time to evaluate the results of your work. Stock is also taken of any wishes for training or further education.

Mobility and career guidance

University Leiden encourages its employees to use and develop their talents. We do this by supporting you in your career and in your personal and professional development. We try to ensure that you get the opportunity to realise your full potential.

Health and safety

Leiden University does everything in its power to provide a safe, healthy and pleasant work environment. Unfortunately there may be times when you are unable to work due to illness. Or you may have questions about pregnancy, University doctors or safety risks in a work environment.

HR policy and code of conduct

At Leiden University, we expect our researchers and lecturers to share our ambition to become one of the best. This is the crux of our HR policy. Read more about our policy below. Also, you will find more information about temporary staff, staff participation and how we ensure our integrity.

Social security and insurances

As an employee of Leiden University, you are eligible to take out various insurance (schemes) at an attractive discount.

Help, support and complaints

Do you need support in arranging HR matters? Do you want to submit a complaint?

International staff

The Service Centre International Staff provides advice and different types of services to all international employees and guest researchers that come to pursue their academic career in Leiden.

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