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PhD candidates at Leiden University must be admitted to one of its Graduate Schools. The admission procedure varies between Graduate Schools. See the general information about PhD admission.

There are different forms of studying for a PhD. And you may choose to do a double doctorate at Leiden University.

Living in Leiden or The Hague

Apartments are available in Leiden and The Hague for PhD candidates at Leiden University who are looking for accommodation.

Studying for a PhD

You have chosen to do a PhD at Leiden University. What do you need to know when your start studying for a PhD? Read more about:

Publishing your doctoral dissertation

To submit your doctoral dissertation you have to meet certain requirements. For instance, you have to complete two forms: appendix C (online) and webform in Converis. Read the steps to submit your preliminary dissertation.

You can ask the communication department(s) at Leiden University to alert the media to the publication of your PhD dissertation.

PhD ceremony

Your PhD studies culminate in a ceremony. Find out about the PhD ceremony and what is expected of you as a PhD candidate. The PhD ceremony at Leiden University usually takes place in the Senate Chamber of the Academy Building.

Job market exploration

We advise you to already start thinking about your further career in the third year of your PhD programme. Important steps you can take is to visit the PhD Career Platform, and get individual advice from a career coach. Some faculties offer talented researchers who have a PhD and wish to specialise further the opportunity of a research fellowship.

University doctor, psychologist and Confidential Counsellor

Unfortunately, during your PhD you may experience psychological difficulties. Or you may face other problems, for instance with your supervisor. The university doctor, psychologist and the Confidential Counsellor for PhD students offer support.

PhD survey

To monitor the experiences of PhD candidates at Leiden University and LUMC, a survey study was conducted in 2021. The results of this study are presented in this report and can be used to learn about PhD experiences but also to further improve supervision, facilities, and regulations. Most questions were adopted from the national PhD survey 2021, which has also been conducted at other Dutch universities in the same period. In total, 624 PhD candidates from all graduate schools at Leiden University responded to the questionnaire. 

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