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Code of Conduct on Integrity

Anyone who comes into contact with Leiden University should be able to trust that we will act with integrity. The Code of Conduct on Integrity describes how we can work together to ensure that this is the case, whether in relation to research, interactions with students, purchasing or the use of University buildings and grounds.

The Executive Board established the Code of Conduct on Integrity on 1 November 2016. This lists the most important regulations and codes of conduct relating to integrity. 

More awareness of integrity

Integrity only comes to life once people start thinking about it and talking about it with their colleagues. The Code of Conduct on Integrity offers a framework for acting with integrity. This code:

  • Protects you from unacceptable behaviour.
  • Helps you recognise risks.
  • Makes it easier to resist temptation.
  • Helps you resist pressure from outside.

For everyone

The Code of Conduct applies to any person employed by Leiden University. External staff members, such as temporary employees, volunteers and contracted self-employed persons (ZZP’ers), are also expected to act in line with the spirit of the code.

Remain alert and critical

You may at times find yourself in a difficult situation that is not specifically mentioned in the code. In addition, circumstances keep changing in response to new developments. This means that you have a personal responsibility to make sure that your actions are and remain in line with integrity, and to keep talking about these matters openly with your immediate supervisor and colleagues. You can also contact a confidential advisor in confidence about this.

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