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Projects relating to second- and third-party income streams

Is your project financed by second and third-party sources of funding (national / EU grants and the private sector)? You will find information on what to take into account in the Regulations on Working for Third Parties. There, you will also find information about (financial) project management, such as invoicing, and the prices you are permitted to charge.

Regulations on Working for Third Parties

If you conduct research or deliver teaching that is not funded by the University contribution, the administrative arrangements are slightly different from what may be familiar to you.

Research funding

Do you want to apply for a research grant? Here, you will find more information: Research funding - Leiden University (universiteitleiden.nl).

Prices and total cost price

When performing contract research or providing courses for a third party, you must charge a fee. This fee must be at least equal to the total cost price.

Public-private activities

Leiden University receives funding from the government. This means that the University is not permitted to simply compete with the private sector.

Project management

If you engage in work for third parties, aspects relating to financial administration play a major role throughout the entire duration of a project: from preparing a project application to presenting the final account. The University’s Project Management Guidelines contain a summary of everything you need to take into account.


The University performs activities that are both subject to VAT and exempt from VAT. Given that incorrect application of the VAT rules can have serious financial consequences, we advise you to always contact your unit’s controller or the FSSC’s VAT Support Office if you are uncertain about anything.


When projects are financed by second and third sources of funding (national / EU grants and private sector), invoices must be sent to grant providers and/or clients. To ensure that the invoicing and payment processes run smoothly, we apply a number of basic principles. You supply the information, and the project control produces and sends the invoice. The points to be taken into account are presented here.

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