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Reporting sick and guidance during sick leave

If you are unable to come to work due to sickness, find out below how to report sick and how the University guides its employees on sick leave.

How do I report sick?

The precise procedure for reporting sick depends on your unit but the following usually applies:

  • Notify your immediate supervisor on the first day of your illness.
  • If you are staying at a different address during your illness, notify your supervisor of this temporary address.
  • Make agreements with your supervisor about how you can be reached by telephone.
  • A report of partial sickness or recovery is based on the percentage of the contractual hours that you have been working. A full-time contract is 38 hours. Your scheduled hours may differ from your contractual hours.

 If necessary, discuss with your supervisor how you can best be monitored during this period and if and how your work can be continued.

You can report sickness or recovery via the Service Portal. This can be done on a laptop, desktop or smartphone.

How do I report that I am better?

Notify your supervisor on the first day that you are better.

Reporting sick on holiday

If you become ill during your holiday, you are required to notify your supervisor. Don’t forget to indicate your holiday address and telephone number so that your employer can contact you.

You can claim back vacation hours as a result of sickness, but only if you notified your supervisor of your illness in the manner described above. You should also be able to demonstrate retroactively that you were in fact ill, for example by providing evidence that you were treated by a doctor or admitted to hospital.

Invitation to make an appointment with the University doctor after 4 weeks

After four weeks of sick leave you will receive a letter with information about the sickness leave process and an invitation to make an appointment yourself with the University doctor. There are then two possibilities.

1. No appointment with the University doctor 

  • You don’t need to make an appointment if you expect to recover in the short term. Discuss this first with your manager.  
  • Notify your manager as soon as you have partially or fully recovered.
  • If your sickness leave is going to last longer than 6 weeks, it is important that you talk to your manager and make an appointment with the University doctor. The University doctor will write a Problem Analysis with recommendations. Then, together with your manager, you will draw up an Action Plan. This is in the context of the Gatekeeper Improvement Act.

2. You do make an appointment with the University doctor  

  • To prepare for the appointment with the University doctor, you should complete the online ‘Information & questions’ form, preferably together with your manager. The form contains questions about the current situation and any agreements made. You can also indicate the questions you want to ask of the University doctor. What would you like to have advice on
  • Submit the form and you will be notified within a few days of the procedure.
  • After the appointment, the University doctor will provide you and your manager with specific advice.
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