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Personnel monitor

It is important to the university that you are happy in your work. How do you feel about your career opportunities, the interaction with colleagues and managers, and the facilities at work? We use the personnel monitor to gauge your opinion. In this survey, your anonymity is guaranteed. We use the results of the monitor continuously to make improvements that enhance job satisfaction.

Personnel Monitor 2022

The Personnel Monitor gives us an insight into the current perception of work within the university and, based on the results, we can initiate and/or pursue initiatives that will increase your job satisfaction. For this to be successful, it is important that as many people as possible complete the Personnel Monitor. In 2018, 57% of employees participated, including 33% of PhD students. This time, our ambition is for even more colleagues to make their voices heard.

The Personnel Monitor 2022 will be launched on 17 October. You will receive an email from Effectory with a unique link to the questionnaire, which is open until 11 November 2022.

Participation anonymous 

Participation is completely anonymous and responses cannot be traced back to an individual: these two factors are crucial. There are several ways we guarantee this: no reports are generated for organisational units that have fewer than ten members of staff, and at least five members of staff from each unit must  have responded. If an organisational unit is too small to have its own report, the results of this group are included in the reporting for the next organisational level. 

Important themes

The Personnel Monitor addresses important themes. These themes were determined based on current developments, the Personnel Monitor Light in 2021 and broad consultation. The University Council and Local Consultative Committee were also involved in the discussions.

Besides standard themes such as enthusiasm and engagement, the emphasis is on: 
•    Work opportunities, including facilities and conditions 
•    Wellbeing and workload, including social safety, overtime hours and the causes of pressure of work  
•    Leadership and autonomy, including cooperation within teams, self-management and the relationship with the supervisor and management
•    Inclusion, including equal treatment and being allowed to be yourself
•    Enduring employability, including opportunities for advancement, mobility and development
PhD candidates are also asked some additional questions specifically focused on work experience as a PhD candidate.

Discussing the results 

Unlike in previous years, the Personnel Monitor 2022 does not include any open-ended questions. This is a deliberate choice. We believe in the power of having an open conversation with each other about the results, in the spirit of our core values: connecting, responsible, innovative and free. The questionnaire is only the beginning; we will be happy to have the discussion afterwards.


The results are expected in December. In January 2023, they will be further communicated within the faculties. It is important to realise that the survey does not stop at the questionnaire. Managers discuss the results of their faculty and institute both with each other and with their staff. The existing action plans – arising from the Personnel Monitor Light in 2021 - will then be supplemented and implemented, based on the insights from the new monitor. Progress is discussed regularly with the Executive Board.

The Personnel Monitor only has impact if the results are representative and if we discuss the findings with each other. This is one way we can ensure that we continue to grow as an organisation. 

Read the interview with Martijn Ridderbos, member of the Executive Board: Personnel Monitor opens: 'Time to make your voice heard'.

To the interview

Win a mobile barista

The organisational unit that is the first to achieve the highest response rate will win a half-day with Bar Company: a mobile barista who will provide your team with artisan fruit, delicious vegetable smoothies, an espresso bar with latte art coffee and a selection of teas. The winner will be announced in the week of 14 November. This prize is sponsored by Healthy University.

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