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Let’s Connect! toolkit

This toolkit provides practical tools to contribute to open communication and a safe working environment. You will learn how to effectively connect, speak up and actively listen to understand each other's interests. In addition, the tools help address issues, make agreements and give and receive constructive feedback. In short, skills that contribute to more connection and success in conversations with your supervisor, direct colleagues and colleagues from other teams. Together, we build and ensure a safe and pleasant work environment. For everyone!

Let's Connect! toolkit

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How do you use the toolkit? 

You can get started with the toolkit and the material independently. This can be useful when preparing for a conversation (your GROW interview, for example), when discussing or expressing difficult issues, or when you want to be more effective in meetings.

If you are a supervisor and you would like advice on which tools you can use for your team, or if you need guidance on discussions within your department, please contact your HRM adviser.   

Webinars: more depth and chance to practice 

We also organize interesting webinars on the themes from the toolkit. We’ll be looking at each theme in more depth and you’ll have the chance to practice with other colleagues. Keep an eye on the website and newsletter when the webinars will take place.

Let's connect! toolkit


We’re keen to expand the toolkit. If you have any suggestions for additional tools for the themes or feedback on the content, we want to hear them. Mail your ideas to: hrmopleidingen@bb.leidenuniv.nl.

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