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A new job or the end of your contract

If you find a new job or if your contract is coming to an end, there are a number of matters to consider.

End of contract

If you have a temporary contract, your employment will end automatically on the agreed date. Leiden University will inform you in good time in writing of the fact that your employment period will end.

Leiden University may also break a temporary or permanent employment contract if there are good reasons for doing so. Both situations are subject to a notice period. To find out which notice period applies in your case, please consult the Collective Labour Agreement of Dutch Universities.

If you wish to resign, please discuss the matter with your immediate supervisor first. After that, you can make a request for ending your employment online via the Service Portal, under 'Mijn personeelsmutaties'. More information about applying, please read this Knowledge Item.

Last workingday

Don't forget the following on your last working day:

  • Return the key to the Service Desk;
  • Hand in your LU card to your manager;
  • hand in other property belonging to the university to the relevant contact persons.

Leave, holiday allowance, and end-of-year bonus

You should in principle take any remaining leave before the end date of your contract and in consultation with your immediate supervisor. Leave will only be paid out when you can prove that you weren't provided to take it. At the end of your contract you will be awarded any holiday allowance you have accrued, as well as a proportional part of your end-of-year bonus.

Pension accrual

When your contract ends so does your retirement pension accrual with ABP. You do not need to inform ABP yourself, Leiden University will end your registration for you. For more information, see the ABP website.

Collective insurance scheme

If you take part in one of the Leiden University’s collective insurance schemes for employees, you have to personally inform the insurance company of the end of your employment. The insurance company will in turn inform you of the possibilities for retaining your insurance under different conditions. With respect to health insurance, you may retain the collective scheme until you find a new job.

Applying for benefits

Unless you have resigned from your position, you may be entitled to unemployment benefits under the Unemployment Act (WW) and possibly also supplemental unemployment benefits (BWNU).

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