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LUC The Hague: How to find an MSc/MA programma that fits?

Many of you are finishing your degree at LUC this year, and are probably starting to look into MSc/MA programmes. By now you probably know that there are MANY different programmes out there (way more than BSc/BA programmes)…

How to find a programme that fits you?

Here are some suggestions which might be helpful during your search:

  1. Go online and look for programmes. A great tool is: https://www.findamasters.com/ and https://www.studyportals.eu
  2. Once you have identified some programmes do some background research (i.e. use google!!). Thing to look for:
    1. How are these programmes ranked
    2. How is the University ranked
    3. Where do students go after they graduate
    4. Look for some online reviews
  3. Next, contact advisors/students in the programme, and ask them specific questions. Some examples include:
    1. Job security after MSc/MA
    2. Where do students go after their education
    3. Entrance requirements
    4. Research component within the MSc/MA
    5. Tuition fee
  4. Finally, see if you can visit the place, and get a tour by some of the advisors or a student

By Dr. Thijs Bosker


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