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Diversifying archaeological practice with a small grant: ‘This helps us to work in collaboration with the Faculty community’

The Faculty of Archaeology is running a funding scheme to assist small-scale projects that contribute to diversifying archaeological practice in all domains, including classrooms, laboratories, museums, and the field. We discuss the grant with two representatives from the Diversity Committee: Tuna Kalaycı and Maia Casna.


The DARCH (Diversifying Archaeology) fund is an initiative of the Diversity Committee. ‘Many students and PhD's like to talk about diversity, but due to money and time restraints, projects are not always possible,’ Maia explains. ‘With the DARCH funding, we give people the opportunity to create a more official project.’ A new call for applications will be sent out in the spring of 2023.

‘We are looking to support projects that aim at diversifying archaeology in the broadest sense,’ Tuna states. ‘This is not only about research, or the classroom. It is also about fieldwork, or interaction with non-archaeologists. We want it to spill over in other areas.’

Diversifying projects

All members of the Faculty community are eligible to apply for the grant. ‘Students especially are encouraged to apply.’ Maia adds. ‘As long as you are affiliated to our faculty, not necessarily by a contract, you may send in a proposal.’

Asked for an example of a diversifying project, Tuna lays one out. ‘As a group of students, you may not be happy with the lack of diversity in a reading list for one of the courses. With the DARCH fund, you may organise a get-together and have a small research project on how to diversify the course materials for that particular course. With the funding, you may for example invite an expert on the matter.’


It's all about supporting grassroots projects. ‘The whole idea is to offer a lot of freedom,’ Maia emphasises. ‘At the end of the day, we also want to have a wide diversity in the applications that we receive. This grant helps us to work in collaboration with the Faculty community. A new call for applications is coming soon, so keep an eye out for that, and start thinking about potential projects!’

Three funded projects

Last year, DARCH funded three project proposals to Marlieke Ernst, Gerrit Dusseldorp, Nina Schoon, and Natalia R. Donner. Marlieke and Gerrit will organise a workshop titled ‘Teaching students with a disability’. Nina will test digital inclusivity methods at El Carril and El Flaco in the Dominican Republic. Natalie and other team members will organise a five-day event at the faculty to discuss and enhance 'Diversity in archaeological fieldwork settings’.

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