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Experts in the media

Leiden University appreciates it if you explain your work to a wider audience every now and then. We encourage media contributions and have people and tools to help you with this.

Journalists from newspapers, TV and news websites are regularly on the lookout for experts who can shed light on current developments. The scientific communication adviser and/or faculty communication departments try to help journalists as much as possible by referring them to the right expert. A journalist may also contact you directly. 

It is, of course, up to you whether to respond to a journalist’s request. For practical help and advice on contacting journalists or preparing for a media appearance, please see our media guide for researchers. You can always approach the scientific communication adviser or your faculty contact person for advice or help. For more information see the right-hand column.

Media guide for researchers

Mention the University

Editors sometimes forget to state that the researcher in question works at Leiden University. Make sure you say beforehand that we appreciate a mention of the University.

If you are appearing in the media please let us know

If you are appearing in the media, please let the scientific communication adviser or your faculty’s communication department know. The broadcast or publication can then be announced on social media beforehand. Afterwards you can ask your faculty’s web team to write a news article for the website on the topic. See the examples in the news section ‘In the media’.

Can journalists find you?

If you want journalists to be able to find you as an expert who can comment on current affairs, make sure your profile page is complete. This means using the right keywords in Dutch and English, so that you can be found through the website and Google. You can also link to related pages, such as news articles, agenda items, research projects, programme pages and dossiers. You can always contact your faculty’s communication department for help with this.

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