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Events Office: our services

The Events Office can take the following off your hands:


  • Intake interview
  • Advice on program design, choice of moderator, networks and online platform
  • Find location(s) (inside and/or outside the university)
  • Advice on stimulating form for interaction
  • Request quotes for location, catering and technology, etc


  • Writing your event plan
  • Managing the event budget
  • Finding the right venue(s) (within or outside the University)
  • Preparing and sending invitations
  • Inviting guest speakers
  • Providing input on engagement in workshops
  • For public events: generating publicity, for instance in the University’s digital newsletter
  • Providing delegate registration, possibly with payment options (before and during the event)
  • Providing audiovisual facilities (light and sound, projector, video)
  • Catering (lunch, drinks, dinner)
  • Providing floor management on the day of the event
  • Providing printed material (in the University house style)
  • Arranging transport and accommodation (hotel accommodation, taxis)
  • Hiring hostesses
  • Providing the right decor
  • Arranging for a photographer
  • Providing entertainment  (e.g. a walking tour of the city, museum visit, actor or music)
  • Contacting the press


  • Evaluation
  • Handling invoices
  • An interview or article in the University’s digital newsletter
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The Events Office can also arrange for catering
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