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Online self-help for students

Leiden University is a member of the Caring Universities alliance. Their programmes are an easy way for students to work on their mental health. The platform Gezonde Boel also offers e-modules.

Gezonde Boel

Gezonde Boel is a platform for unguided e-health for students and offers over 100 self-help modules. These modules have been developed around relevant themes in student life, such as: dealing with money, using too much social media, worrying and planning and structure. An overview of all topics can be found in the Gezonde Boel Selection Guide. This way students can decide which modules best suit their needs.

The modules are free of charge for students of Leiden University and can be followed anonymously. Students log on to the Gezonde Boel platform.

Caring Universities

Caring Universities offers free online programmes to help improve students’ mental well-being. They also receive guidance from a personal coach. Caring Universities also sends out an annual online questionnaire and give students immediate feedback and advice on their well-being, for example on mood swings and how to deal with stress and procrastination.

Contact: caring.universities@leidenuniv.nl

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