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ECTS grading table

The ECTS grading table provides an insight into the value of a student’s grades and facilitates international grade comparison.

In 2016, Dutch universities agreed to introduce the ECTS grading table at a national level. In this way international institutes and employers gain greater insight into the value of Dutch grades. The grading table also facilitates the comparison of a student’s grades with those of his or her classmates. In accordance with this agreement, Leiden University prints an ECTS grading table on all diploma supplements and transcripts of records.

Honours students

Honours education is extra-curricular and optional. In other words, it is not a compulsory component of a degree programme. Therefore the grades for honours education are not taken into account when compiling the grading table for each study programme.

Exchange students

The ECTS grading table applies to exchange students. They will have a grading table printed on their transcript of records.

Leiden University College

Leiden University College (LUC) uses a letter grading system (A to F). However, in LUC grading tables the numerical values of these letters are used instead. This means that grading tables on LUC diploma supplements show the distribution of grades in the range 1.7 (= C, the lowest passing grade) to 4.0 (=A/A+, the highest passing grade), rather than the standard Dutch passing grades of 6 to 10.

Example calculation 

Example calculations and an explanation of the grading table can be found on our external website

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