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Compensations and declarations

Have you incurred costs for your work? Below you will find information about the compensation of commuting and relocation expenses, and submitting your expense claims.

Commuting allowance

As university employee you are entitled to an allowance for the cost of travelling to work if you live more than 10 kilometers from work. The amount of your travel allowance depends on the number of kilometers and your actual travel days. 

Business travel

If you travel on University business, you are entitled to a travel and subsistence allowance. If you book an overseas trip through Uniglobe, the University is billed directly, which means you do not need to pay in advance.

Relocation expenses

If you relocate for your work or if the University requires you to move, you may qualify for a relocation allowance or bonus.

Other allowances

Alongside allowances for business travel, commuting and relocation, there are also a number of smaller allowances for which you may qualify. Find out more about the meal allowance, emergency response team allowance and computer glasses allowance.

Expense claims

If you have incurred costs for your work, you may be entitled to reimbursement. Submit your expense claims through SAP Self Service, not forgetting to include a receipt.

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