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Sickness and work disability

Have you been ill for a long time? The procedure for illness and reintegration describes what to expect in case of long-term illness and work disability. The procedure also lists potential financial consequences.

What should I do in case of long-term illness?

Have you been ill for a long time? The Procedure in case of sickness and return to work describes what to expect in case of long-term illness. It also lists potential financial consequences.

When should I contact the University doctor?

If you think that your illness may be related to your work or work conditions, or if you have questions about your recovery or return to work, you can seek the University doctor’s advice independently of your immediate supervisor. To do so you can use the online form or call the HSE department via 071 527 8015.

May I go on holiday if I am ill?

During periods of illness (both short and long-term) you are allowed to take holiday leave. To do so, you can simply take up leave hours. However, you should first consult your immediate supervisor and possibly also the University doctor. The doctor will investigate whether there are any medical objections. If your supervisor agrees, you can apply for leave in the normal way via Self Service. Leave is always booked in multiples of whole days, including the hours for which you are considered ill. For more information on taking up holiday leave during short-term or long-term illness periods, see the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities.

Incapacity due to the fault of a third party

In the event of partial or full incapacity due to the fault of a third party, for example in an accident, the University can recover compensation for its financial losses from the party responsible. You can also claim any personal damages you have suffered at the same time. This is why you should report any accident to your P&O department.

More information

Your rights and duties during periods of illness and incapacity are regulated in the ZANU Regulations (Sickness and Disability Scheme of Dutch Universities - Dutch only). The ZANU Regulations provide for matters such as continued payment of salary during illness, but also dismissal on the grounds of incapacity to perform one’s duties. For more information, please contact the UWV (Dutch only).

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