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As a Leiden University employee you automatically accrue pension via the Algemeen Burgerlijk Pensioenfond (ABP). As a rule, you will retire once you reach the legal AOW age. If you wish you may decide to take early or partial retirement. The ABP Pension Scheme offers a number of options to this end.

Standard pensionable age

Your pensionable age corresponds to your AOW age. A few months before you reach AOW age ABP will automatically send you information about your pension, including a pension application form.

Your pension amount will depend on your personal situation, how many years you accrued pension, and your salary. Your retirement pension from ABP is supplementary to your AOW pension and any additional allowances from supplementary schemes that you may have taken out at your own initiative.

Changes in AOW age

Do you want to know when your AOW age is? Please visit the website of the Rijksoverheid (Dutch only) >>

Early retirement

Your contract with the University ends in any case on the day when you reach the legal AOW age. It is in principle not possible to keep working after this date. If you wish to take early or partial retirement, the ABP Pension Scheme offers a number of options to this end. Please discuss your options with your HR adviser.

What should I do?

  • Decide in good time when you wish to retire.
  • Discuss your wishes and options no later than half a year beforehand with your P&O advisor.
  • If you wish to retire at the AOW-age, you will automatically receive all required information from ABP.
  • In all other cases, make sure you contact ABP in timely fashion.
  • If you wish to take early retirement, make sure you submit a letter of resignation (or partial resignation) to the University in timely fashion.
  • Decide whether you wish to continue to make use of the University’s collective insurance schemes.
  • Make sure you take up your remaining vacation hours in good time.
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