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Reporting incidents

Information security is essential for Leiden University. This means not only that we deal with (sensitive) information in a secure and conscious manner, but also that incidents are reported as soon as possible. You can read below how to report incidents.

Information security breaches

Every faculty and unit is responsible for signalling and reporting incidents and breaches of information security. You can report an incident to the ISSC helpdesk (tel. 8888) or the information manager of your faculty or unit.

Data breaches

Leiden University is obliged to report any data breach to the Personal Data Authority. Please report any data breach to the ISSC helpdesk (tel. 8888). In case of doubt, please first contact your information manager.

Responsible disclosure

The University devotes much attention to the security of its systems. Nevertheless there may be a weak link in the system. If you discover such a weak link in one of our systems, we would like to be informed as soon as possible. The responsible disclosure document lists the conditions to be met in such cases. 


Internet criminals use phishing e-mails to try to acquire personal data. Always report phishing e-mails to the ISSC helpdesk (tel. 8888).


Hackers try to penetrate systems via malware. If you suspect the presence of malware on your laptop or computer, please report it to the ISSC helpdesk (tel. 8888).

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