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Academic daily schedule

A common daily schedule for the whole University makes it easier for students and lecturers to follow and teach subjects outside their own programme or faculty. At the moment, the starting and finishing times are different for each faculty and/or programme and it is often unclear whether the Leids kwartiertje (the practice of starting the lecture 15 minutes after the official starting time) applies or not. This often leads to confusion and uncertainty. The Daily Schedule project aims to establish where any differences lie and to explore the opportunities for streamlining the daily schedule across the whole University. The project team will take into account the different target groups (students, lecturers, staff), the effect on the use of the available teaching accommodation and the diversity of educational activities.    

Ruben Slagers


Ruben Slagers

ā€˜Iā€™m used to lectures starting at 09.15, a quarter of an hour later than it says in my timetable. I recently took an elective course at a different faculty, and discovered that the lectures there actually do start at 09.00. It came as a real surprise to me and I arrived late!ā€™

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