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FSW faculty regulations refreshed

19 October 2023

The faculty regulations of FSW recently underwent a major overhaul. In September, the Executive Board adopted the new regulations after approval from the Faculty Council. According to Jordi Kerkum, the board's secretary, it was necessary to revisit the rules, as it had been a while since they were last updated. The Administrative Support team conducted a thorough review to clarify the rules and align them with the organization's strategic goals of professionalisation, transparency, and leadership.

The new regulations have expanded the possibilities for the composition and number of members of boards and committees. They have also made it possible to fill board positions with non-professionals and people outside of the institutes or faculty. Furthermore, the regulations have brought more clarity in the area of collegial governance within the boards. For example, the role of the WD and the dean as 'first among equals' has been further clarified. The regulations have been built using good practices from other faculties and tested against the Higher Education Act and university regulations. The Legal Affairs Department offered their advice in this process. The regulations were designed to lay down only what is highly necessary, while all other matters are elaborated in implementing regulations.

The next step involves drafting the implementing regulations and ensuring that the regulations of the institutes in the faculty are aligned with the new faculty regulations. If you have any questions regarding the faculty regulations, please feel free to reach out to secretaris@fsw.leidenuniv.nl.

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