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Events Office: our process

We take you through the following steps to make sure your event is a success.

First meeting

We begin with a first meeting to discuss your ideas for the event, such as your goal, target group, date and time, budget, accommodation, entertainment, transport and printed material. This enables us to propose a solution that ensures you get the best out of your event. We also discuss which role you wish the Events Office to take.

Quote and basic plan

After the first meeting we send you a quote. This provides a breakdown of which services the Events Office can offer at which fee. You decide which services you wish to make use of. We also send you a basic plan.

Booking confirmation

Once you have decided which services you wish us to provide, we send you a booking confirmation with a description of these services, the fee per service, an event plan and our terms of payment. The booking confirmation relates only to the services offered by the Events Office and not the cost of venue hire, catering and so on.


The next step is to provide a detailed event plan. We discuss this in detail with you or the contact person for the event. Other people may be involved here, for instance, people who are responsible for certain parts of the event.

Organisation and delivery of the event

The event plan forms the basis of the organisation and delivery of the event. We regularly consult you or the contact person(s) about the organisation of the event. If necessary, we also brief third parties such as caterers, technicians and printers.

The event itself

We provide the floor management at the build-up and during the event itself (checking the build-up, checking that everything runs smoothly, solving problems big and small, providing support in the event of a calamity).


We evaluate the event afterwards with you and use your feedback to improve our services. If you would like us to, we can also send out an evaluation to the participants.

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