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Didactics - University Teaching Qualification

Media in education: practical advice and useful resources

During this course, you can get acquainted with media solutions for education at FGGA

Target group

The video coordinator at FLO will demonstrate the practical skills needed for recording knowledge clips and what to anticipate during the four phases of media creation (designing, developing, producing and implementing).

The course will also explore the resources available for creating (muti-)media formats. There will be time to try things out on your own device and ask questions at the end of the session.

This is a professional development course provided by the Future Learning Office (FLO) for FGGA lecturers in The Hague. 

Programme set-up

  • Introduction: what to expect from the training;
  • Possible media forms, benefits of using video, comparing video formats;
  • Regulations to keep in mind when using or creating (multi-)media;
  • Phases of creation;
  • Demonstration of recording knowledge clips;
  • Facilities;
  • Resources;
  • Questions.

Learning objectives

Creating awareness of media usage by:

  • Looking at examples of different media for education.
  • Comparing: weblectures, knowledge clips, recordings of classes, video assignments
  • Discussing the usability, retention policies and accessibility
  • Watching short video: Why we all need subtitles now?
  • Distinguishing guiding steps for creating media
  • Learning how to record a knowledge clip
  • Learning how students can submit multimedia assignments
  • Trying things out and asking questions

Study load

1,5 hours session


This course is held in Wijnhaven on 22 August from 11.00 to 12.30 hrs. 


Registration for this course is possible via e-mail: flo@fgga.leidenuniv.nl

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