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Fixed telephony

A fixed telephone is part of the standard equipment of your university workplace. A fixed telephone allows you to make phone calls to internal lines, mobile numbers and fixed numbers within the Netherlands. But it also offers other options. If you have any questions or if you wish to extend your telephone options, please contact your telephony coordinator.

Forwarding calls work telephone

You can forward calls from your work phone to your mobile phone via Remote Workplace. See the helpdesk portal for instructions on how to do this. Make sure to have your phone number and pin code on hand. If you’ve forgotten the pin code for your phone, you can request a new one via the helpdesk portal.

Telephone number

The university number sequence is 071-527 followed by your personal DID number consisting of 4 digits. Telephones at The Hague locations also have in addition to the Leiden 071-number a The Hague 070- number, which is not related to the internal DID number. All telephones are equipped with numerical display. You can apply to have numerical display switched off via your telephony coordinator.

Internal and external calls

When calling someone within the university, you only need to dial the 4 digits of their DID number. When calling the LUMC, you should first dial 956, followed by the person’s 4-digit DID number. To make an external call, first dial 0 and then the complete telephone number. You can also place internal calls from University Leiden to locations in The Hague. 

Your fixed telephone allows you to place internal, regional, national and mobile calls. If you also wish to place international calls, you have to apply for it. Your application will be assessed by your telephony coordinator.

Log in to your telephone

To use your telephone you must be logged in. This requires a PIN. If you are not logged in and your do not remember your PIN, please contact your telephony coordinator. You can also request a new one via the helpdesk portal.

Telephone group

If you want to use your telephone to receive calls for colleagues from your own department, you can apply for a Call Pick Up group. A Call Pick Up group is a group of telephone numbers such that every member of the group can receive calls intended for his or her colleague on his/her own telephone.

If you and your colleagues all want to be reached at the same telephone number, you can apply for a Hunt group. Both types of applications have to be assessed by your telephony coordinator. 

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