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BPS MSc course Design, Analysis, and Practical Use of Biologicals

BPS MSc student Guus Ruiter: This year I followed this new course called Design, Analysis, and Practical Use of Biologicals at the LUMC given by Rawi Ramautar and developed for both BPS MSc and Pharmacy students. During this course, there were many different speakers, in particular from biotech companies (Janssen Biologics, Pharma). This made the course extremely appealing to me, as it allowed me to get a glimpse of the research within industry and how our knowledge is applied there. Not only that, but when I did my internship at PolPharma I recognized much of the courses’ content, only now in a practical setting. It was very enjoyable!

BPS MSc student Liza Mirenda: Thanks to this course, I have increased my knowledge on biologics (i.e. biopharmaceuticals and vaccines. The course had many interesting guest speakers which were useful in preparing for the start of my internship and career. Among other things, I learned about ‘good manufacturing practice’ and several techniques to analyze biologics. After the course, I started my internship at Janssen Biologics at the analytical development department. Thanks to my background knowledge obtained during the course, I could understand most things from the start and had a basic knowledge of the main approaches used in upstream and downstream processing.

Figure adapted from Michel Eppink - Bioprocess Technology course in Design, Analysis and Practical Use of Biologicals (2022) and from Protein Purification Handbook, Amersham Biosciences, 18-1132-29, Edition AC (2001).

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