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Graduate Schools

PhD candidates at Leiden University must be admitted to one of its Graduate Schools. The admission procedure varies between Graduate Schools. The Graduate Schools are responsible for the training and supervision of PhD candidates.

Graduate School of Archaeology

The Graduate School of Archaeology offers a range of PhD programmes on the excavation, analysis and interpretation of material remains from the human past.

Graduate School for Humanities

The Graduate School of Humanities is responsible for all PhD programmes at the Faculty of Humanities.

Graduate School of Legal Studies

The Graduate School of Legal Studies is part of the Meijers Research Institute and is responsible for all PhD programmes at the Faculty of Law.

Graduate School of Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC)

Medical and biomedical PhD candidates study at the Graduate School of LUMC. The PhD programmes at this Graduate School are jointly developed by Leiden University and LUMC.

Graduate School of Science

The Graduate School of Science offers eight different PhD programmes in the field of mathematics and science.

Graduate School Social and Behavioural Sciences

The Graduate School of Social and Behavioural Sciences is responsible for all PhD programmes at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences.

Graduate School of Governance and Global Affairs

The Graduate School of Governance and Global Affairs is responsible for all PhD programmes at the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs.

Guidance and counselling

As a PhD candidate, if you wish to discuss your issues with someone other than your thesis director or supervisor, or if you develop psychological or other symptoms, you can contact the university doctor, psychologist, or confidential counsellor.

For medical or psychological symptoms, you can contact one of the university doctors. This is also the case if you are an external PhD candidate. The university doctor may refer you to a psychologist.

If you experience problems related to your PhD project that you cannot solve yourself, you can contact the Confidental Counsellor for PhD Candidates.

PhD Deans

Also, the Faculty has appointed two PhD Deans for PhD students. They are the first point of contact for PhD students and the supervisors (supervisor and co-supervisor) with questions about supervision and progress of the PhD project. The roles have been divided between the two deans to ensure you can always talk to someone who does not work at your intitute. In this way they can work from an independent position and do not need to be involved in issues within their own insitute.

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Contact details

Email: graduateschool@fgga.leidenuniv.nl

Postal address
Leiden University - Faculty Governance and Global Affairs 
P.O. Box 13228
2501 EE, The Hague

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