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Leiden University condemns demonstration at Wijnhaven location

The Executive Board of the University is shocked by the unannounced demonstration that took place Thursday afternoon at the Wijnhaven location in The Hague relating to the situation in the Middle East. Without first requesting permission, a large group of students and staff held a gathering there. Moreover, the character of the demonstration caused other students and staff to feel extremely unsafe.

The Executive Board condemns the demonstration because it was not notified in advance, as prescribed in our regulations on events and demonstrations. At our University - in Leiden and The Hague - we interact with one another through open debate, dialogue and discussion, which means we also listen to the arguments of the other party. Inciting hatred, violence and intolerance will under no circumstances be condoned by the University: we cannot be clearer about this. Leiden University wants to be a safe place for our entire community, based on our core principles of connecting with one another and exchanging knowledge. It is important that we engage in an inclusive dialogue with one another on issues that may divide us. This is particularly relevant at a time when there is so much global unrest.

We are shocked by the fact that our students and staff violated the regulations that we so recently shared with our whole University community. The Executive Board takes this extremely seriously and will ensure that appropriate measures are taken against anyone who infringes these regulations. These rules are in place for a purpose: they are necessary to guarantee the safety of all of us, and to protect the norms and values of our community. 

Annetje Ottow, Hester Bijl and Martijn Ridderbos,
Executive Board, Leiden University

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