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What should you pay attention to with an invoice for external contract staff?

13 February 2024

The Financial Shared Service Centre (FSSC) can refuse payment of invoices from contract workers if the invoice is not accompanied by a Contract for Services. The contract should be drawn up via the LEI Hiring Temporary Staff application. You can find this app on the staff website via Service portal -> HR -> Hiring Temporary Staff.

The Contracts for Services in the LEI Hiring Temporary Staff app are model contracts approved by the Tax Administration (2021). These contracts are valid until 2026. By using these contracts and keeping to the terms of the model, we can ensure that there is no  question of an employment contract and Leiden University does not have to withhold wage tax and social security contributions.

For this reason, we urgently request you not to use an old model agreement that is not currently included in the LEI Hiring Temporary Staff App. Please bear in mind that it is not permitted remove or cross out passages from the model contract.

By following this procedure, we can ensure timely payment of invoices and guarantee that the hiring of temporary staff complies with labour and tax laws and regulations.


If you have any questions about the Contract for Services or the Hiring Temporary Staff app, please contact the FSSC Service Point via 071 - 527 5555 or ask your question via our Helpdesk Portal (Financial Affairs button).

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