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Webinar: what keeps you from giving feedback?

Martine van den Hoed  (Trainer)
Training course

At the university, we want to work towards a safe, inclusive and pleasant working environment. This means we are curious about one another, listen with an open mind and actively collaborate with one another. Giving and receiving feedback is an important tool to reflect on your work, your communication and your work approach. Yet, in general, we still make too little use of the power of giving feedback. And that is a shame, because it means you are missing out on the growth potential of yourself and your colleagues.  
Although most people know the feedback rules very well, this does not mean that they will actually speak up and give feedback. It takes more than that and that is what we are going to work on in this webinar.  
In this online workshop we will focus on your personal motivation to give feedback. We will increase your insight into situations in which you easily give feedback and situations in which you do not. You will also get more insight into your personal reasons for not giving feedback. And we look at what you can gain by doing so.  
Finally, we give you some practical tips on how to give feedback more easily in the future.  
The online training is facilitated by Martine van den Hoed, trainer of The Up Movement. 

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