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Kilometre allowance

You are entitled to apply for a regular or supplementary kilometre allowance for commuting days based on the Terms of Employment Individual Choices Model. You will not be reimbursed for the total amount of your commuting expenses, but by using your gross income you will benefit from tax advantages.


The application for the reimbursement of commuting expenses via the Terms of Employment Individual Choices Model consists of two steps that you need to take at different times during the year.

Step 1

Fill in your travel days in the Service Portal

  1. To be eligible for the commuting allowance you can enter the days on which you travel to your work location (Leiden University) in the timetable in the Service Portal

Step 2

Claim commuting expenses on an annual basis

  1. Log in to Remote Workplace
  2. Select SAP Self Service
  3. Complete the form for reimbursement of commuting expenses based on gross income before 30 November via the Flexible benefits tab 

More information about applying, please read this Knowledge Item.


What conditions do you have to meet to qualify for the kilometre allowance?

  • You can submit your application starting from 1 February: you can use your holiday allowance, gross income or year-end bonus until 30 November.
  • For new employees, the starting date is the date employment commenced, on condition that employment started before 1 November. Are you entering employment on or after 1 November? Then from 1 February next year you can participate in the Optional Model Employment Conditions.
  • You have to re-apply for this Individual Choices Model allowance every year.

Amount of the allowance

How much compensation you will receive depends on the number of kilometers and your travel days.

  • The allowance is € 0.23 per kilometre.
  • This allowance can be used to cover the costs of a maximum of 214 commuting days per year.
  • The allowance is based on the number of kilometres between your home and work address and the average of the number of travel days you have entered in the timetable in the Service Portal.
  • If you already receive a commuting allowance, this will be deducted from the tax allowance.
  • If your commuting distance more than 75 km (single journey) the allowance will be recalculated. Any excess sum that has been received will be rectified.

Calculation example

We use Routenet route planner to calculate the commuting distance between your home and work address.

Are you traveling 50 days per year?

In that case, your annual compensation is:
50 (days) x number of km (round trip) x € 0.23.


Please report any structural changes in the number of kilometres you travel. Contact the PSSC Service Point.

Deduct travel expenses in your tax return

If you travel to work with public transport, you may, under certain circumstances, be able to deduct a fixed sum for travel expenses from your income in your tax return. Read more about this on the Tax and Customs Administration website (in Dutch).

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