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Teachers' Academy

In 2014, Leiden University launched the Teachers’ Academy to reward top talents in education and stimulate educational innovation. Lecturers who are selected as Teaching Fellows join the Teachers' Academy and are awarded a grant for educational innovation projects. The Teachers’ Academy also organises an annual symposium on innovation in education. A strong incentive for a university-wide qualitative improvement of education.

Educational innovation

Lecturers who are chosen as Teaching Fellows act as guides and pioneers in renewing education at Leiden University. To this end they are awarded a grant of € 25,000, which they can use to carry out educational innovation projects. The fellowship is also a mark of recognition for their didactic talents and efforts in the field of education. Teaching Fellows are inspiring examples for their colleagues and good dialogue partners for the Vice Rector Magnificus and the Education Council in terms of innovation in education. 

Who qualifies for a fellowship?

Every faculty can nominate two lecturers for a fellowship. Successful candidates:

  • Play an active role in substantive and didactic innovations in education by initiating and completing projects in the field of educational innovation and taking part in research projects on education. 
  • Continuously develop their expertise in the field of education, including their expertise in the use and development of new teaching materials and methods. 
  • Collaborate with other lecturers on educational innovation in a multidisciplinary context. 

More information

If you would like more information about the projects and how the projects might be used to improve education, please contact Marjolein Boessenkool.

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