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Strong passwords

If hackers are after your password, it won’t take them long to guess it if it’s simple. In a split second, they can crack passwords with numbers or words that appear in the dictionary. They can then use that one password to access everything; they can get into your email accounts or make online purchases. So, it’s important that you use strong passwords.

Creating a password

  • Make passwords unpredictable. Don't use names, dates or slogans.
  • Use long passwords, they are harder to crack. For example, for ULCN you need at least 12 characters. A few extra characters can increase security even more.
  • Combine numbers, upper and lower case letters and special characters. 

Good password management

•    In public places, make sure others can’t read your password as you type it in. 
•    Use a different password for each account. 
•    Don’t write down your passwords. 
•    Change your password regularly.
•    Banks and online shops will never ask you for your password. If you spot something suspicious, get in touch with your bank or the shop directly. ULCN will never ask you for your password either.
•    Do not share your password with anyone.
•    Use a password manager to help you remember your passwords. You can request the Keepass password manager for business use from the helpdesk.

If you want to change your ULCN password, you can find more information on this page.

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