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Some faculties offer talented researchers who have a PhD and wish to specialise further the opportunity of a research fellowship. This enables them to conduct high-level academic research within a research programme.


The research programmes of Leiden Law School are intended to create substantive synergy within a well-functioning and inspiring research climate.  

All members of the Leiden Law School academic staff who hold a PhD and have a position that includes research obligations, are required to take part in the RAF round. The next general RAF round will take place in 2023. It will then consist of two parts: a research review over the years 2019-2022, and a preview of research plans for the years 2023-2026. Staff who recently received their doctorate may apply in an interim round. These interim rounds will be held in June and December. 
In 2021 the interim round of June will be postponed to August/September.

PhD candidates belong to the research programme of their supervisor, but do not become a Fellow.

Application Procedure for a Fellowship

The following information regards the general procedure and round.

Admission to a research programme as a Fellow is granted by the relevant Programme Coordinator (PC), on the basis of a research proposal (project description) providing as much detail as possible (Document C). The concrete research plans and how they correspond to the research programme will be considered, as well as past performance.

Research Assessment Framework (RAF)

The assessment guidelines for research at LLS (Document A) contain the actual standards and guidelines for measuring individual research output over the period 2016-2018.

It is possible that certain circumstances can affect your publication standard such as maternity leave or illness or your employment date. By clicking on the link, you can calculate the consequences on your required publication standard.

The Leiden Law School Research Assessment Exercise (Document B) provides the procedure for the assessment that applies to applications for a fellowship (2019-2021).

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