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Working effectively

Basic project management: a primer for postdocs

A crash course about principles and tools for basic project management. Including planning, monitoring and collaborating in research projects.

Target group
Postdoctoral researcher
Ruben Verheul  (Trainer)

Working as a postdoc is intellectually rewarding, yet also personally and professionally demanding. Are you rushing from one deadline to another, balancing this month’s targets with your longer-term career objectives, wondering why there are only 24 hours in a day? You may benefit from taking a step back and reflecting on how you plan and organise things. And why not invest in a little investigation of project collaboration?

This crash course is for postdoctoral researchers from all scientific disciplines. In order to register for this course you will need to obtain permission of your employer.

For whom?

For postdoctoral researchers. In order to register for this course you will need to obtain permission of your employer.

Topics covered

Various aspects of planning, implementation and monitoring will be addressed, as well as the personal and organisational context of research.

  • Some basic principles of project management and their application to research projects.
  • Techniques for planning work on your research (and other tasks).
  • Collaboration tools.
  • Analysing your work habits, strengths and challenges.

What you'll learn

You will acquaint yourself with some basic project management principles and techniques: planning, monitoring progress, and multitasking. There will be ample opportunity to address issues arising in your personal practice. Furthermore, you will look at some do's and tools for collaborating in research projects. 


This course is a basic introduction.


The workload amounts to 6 hours, including attendance and preparation.

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