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Annual leave

The basic leave entitlement for a 38-hour week is 232 hours per year. If you make use of the flexible hours option, you will have more or fewer hours of annual leave. If you work part-time, your leave entitlement is proportionate to your contracted hours. If you are a member of the academic staff or a member of the non-academic staff at a faculty and are at salary scale 11 or above, you may choose to make an annual agreement.

Taking annual leave

You must take your annual leave in the year of accrual. If, as an exception, this proves impossible, you and your manager must agree in writing on how you will take the remaining hours. You must reach such an agreement before 1 April of the subsequent year. There are various ways to use your remaining leave. You can:


Booking annual leave

You can book leave through Self Service.

Book leave

Annual agreement

If you and your manager reach an annual agreement, you define your targets, tasks and availability for the year. You are then free to allocate your time as you see fit. You do not register how many hours of leave you take, and your leave balance is automatically at zero at the end of the calendar year. If you become ill or incapacitated, you will need to reassess your annual agreement and the results you agreed upon achieving with your supervisor. 

Request an annual agreement

Use the flexible working hours form to request an annual agreement.


Carrying leave forward

You may carry forward any accrued leave to the next calendar year, but are required to take this leave before the end of that calendar year. All leave from the previous calendar year that has not been taken by 31 December of the current calendar year lapses. For example, leave for the year 2017 that has not been taken by 31 December 2018 lapses.

Annual leave while on maternity or sick leave

  • Maternity leave
    You continue to accrue annual leave during maternity leave.
  • Sick leave
    You are allowed and expected to take annual leave while on sick leave. If you want to take annual leave, for instance if you wish to go on holiday, while you are on sick leave, you must first consult your manager and possibly the University doctor. The doctor will consider whether there is any objection to you taking the leave or going on holiday. Book this leave in multiples of whole days. This therefore includes the hours for which you registered sick.

Your accrued leave at the end of your contract

You are expected to take any remaining leave before your last working day. Discuss this with your manager.

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