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Scott Engels wins the Suzanne Hovinga Award 2022

During the LACDR Fall Symposium, Scott Engels received the Suzanne Hovinga Award for the ‘best master thesis’. Scott performed his RP1 research under the supervision of Dr. Amanda Foks and Virginia Smit in the Aging and Immunity group at the division of BioTherapeutics.

Scott´s research involved investigating immunosenescence in atherosclerosis and examination of the clonotypic expansion of age-associated adaptive immune cells. This year we received 6 applications for the Suzanne Hovinga Award from Biopharmaceutical Sciences master students that received an 8.5 or higher for their thesis. The jury agreed that Scott’s thesis, graded a 9.5, was of exceptionally high quality, very well-written with an impressive amount of data and beautiful Figures.

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