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PhD candidates at Leiden University must be admitted to one of its Graduate Schools. The admission procedure varies between Graduate Schools. General information about PhD admission you will find on the PhD admissions page. There are different forms of studying for a PhD. And you may choose to do a double doctorate at Leiden University.

Living in Leiden or The Hague

Apartments are available in Leiden and The Hague for PhD candidates at Leiden University who are looking for accommodation. 

Studying for a PhD

You have chosen to do a PhD at Leiden University. What do you need to know when your start studying for a PhD? Read more about:

Publishing your doctoral dissertation

To submit your doctoral dissertation you have to meet certain requirements. For instance, you have to complete two forms: form V (online) and form VI (print). Here you will read the steps to submit your preliminary dissertation. After publication Strategic Communication and Marketing (SC&M) at Leiden University and the press office at Leiden University Medical Center can inform the press about your PhD research

PhD ceremony

Your PhD studies culminate in a ceremonyFind out about the PhD ceremony and what is expected of you as a PhD candidate. The PhD ceremony at Leiden University usually takes place in the Senate Chamber of the Academy Building.

Postdocs and fellowships

Most PhDs find a new job outside the University after they graduate, for instance in the public or private sectors. An academic career is therefore not a given. This makes it important to start thinking in good time about what you want to do after you graduate. If you dream of an academic career after your PhD, a postdoc job is the logical choice. Some faculties offer talented researchers who have a PhD and wish to specialise further the opportunity of a research fellowship.

University doctor, psychologist and Confidential Counsellor

Unfortunately, during your PhD you may experience psychological difficulties. Or you may face other problems, for instance with your supervisor. The university doctor and the Confidential Counsellor for PhD students offer support.

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