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Looking for an easy way to compile, order or view readers online? Then meet ReaderOnline. The instructions below will help you on your way.

Before you get started:

  • Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Pro DC installed. If you have a work laptop or a desktop computer with Windows 10 installed, you will find this software in the Software Centre. The user manual is available on the Acrobat website.
  • Check the Easy Access Agreement to see whether you can use the desired material in your reader. If not, request permission from Stichting UvO (the publisher’s organisation for education licences). You can log in using a registration number, which is available from the University Services Department.
  • Want to reuse an existing reader? Request the file by email from your faculty’s print shop. You can delete, add or move texts in this file.
  • Have the intake form at hand.

How to compile a reader

  1. Collect the material you want to include in the reader. Make sure you leave sufficient space (approx. 1 cm) around the texts. Pages must be clearly legible, and there must be no black lines running through the text. Black borders around the text are not a problem.
  2. Scan the texts as a PDF in A4 format. (See also: user manual for printing and scanning)
  3. Note: A reader may contain up to 400 pages.
  4. Put the texts in the right order. Decide whether, and if so, where you want to use inserts in the document.
  5. Delete any texts that you do not want to include in the reader.
  6. Complete the intake form. You can also upload the PDF for the reader with the form. Large files can be sent via WeTransfer.
  7. The ReaderOnline team then compiles the reader for you: they merge the PDF files of the scanned texts, clean up the document and add page numbers.
  8. You will then receive a proof copy of the reader. If necessary, you can provide a table of contents based on the numbered pages in the proof.
  9. Once you have approved the proof copy, the reader will be available in the web shop after three working days.

How to order a reader

  1. Log in using your ULCN account at https://www.readeronline.leidenuniv.nl.
  2. Filter by faculty and degree programme to find your reader.
  3. Select the readers you want and add them to the shopping basket.
  4. Go to the shopping basket to review your order and pay.
  5. Indicate whether you want the order to be delivered to you or if you want to collect it.
  6. Place the order. You will receive a number of confirmation emails: one with an overview of your order, one with which you can pay for the order and, if you indicated that you wanted to collect your reader, a pick-up slip. Note: Once you have paid, the order is final and cannot be changed.
  7. Pay for the order.

The reader will be ready to collect after a maximum of five working days. Don’t forget to take the pick-up slip and your LU-card with you. If you want the reader delivered to your home, please keep in mind that this will take a few days longer.

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