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Let’s Connect webinar: Open communication

Open communication in academia: what is it exactly, and how do you do it?

Eva Wiltingh (trainer)
Training course

Being able to communicate well is considered an important skill because it helps you to achieve your goals efficiently and it facilitates fruitful and effective cooperation. Communicating effectively with other people might even be the key to a successful career.

In this interactive webinar, you will gain insights into the various aspects of communication that contribute to an open conversation. That can be quite a challenge in in-person situations, but perhaps even more so online.

During this webinar you will work through individual and group assignments, you will have to do some thinking, and you will discuss the fundamentals of communication and cooperation – from setting goals and the division of tasks to transparency and clear agreements. But you will also think about so-called soft skills such as listening, as well as factors such as trust, connections, expectations and giving and receiving feedback.

This webinar is part of the Let’s Connect toolkit. This toolkit provides interesting articles, training courses and discussion tools that will help staff develop the skills needed for open discussions. With these skills, we can work together to create an inclusive and pleasant working environment, in which we are curious about, listen to and actively collaborate with one another. And that’s crucial, because it’s one of the ambitions outlined in our Strategic Plan: Leiden University is committed to building a healthy, engaged and learning community. A community where we actively collaborate and work to achieve our ambitions through open discussions based on mutual respect. Looking for more tools and inspiration to stimulate open communication? Then check out the Let’s Connect Toolkit, available at letsconnect.universiteitleiden.nl. Log in using your ULCN account.

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