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Training and workshops for students

Leiden University offers various training programmes and workshops that contribute to student well-being.

Personal development

The Personal Development page gives an overview of (online) coaching programmes, apps and people or organisations that can help with personal development. The page covers things like taking enough exercise, learning to relax, developing resilience and increasing your happiness.

Study skills

POPcorner is for students who need a bit of help finding their way in their studies or student life. It’s where they can develop skills, meet other students, follow workshops and organise or attend student activities. There are POPcorners at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences and the Faculty of Humanities. And in The Hague there is POPcorner The Hague

ePOPcorner is a platform where you can follow online study skills modules on. For example, studying efficiently, remembering material and preparing for exams.

Instructor-led workshops

Some students would rather attend instructor-led workshops with other students. Leiden University offers several such workshops:  

Faith and spirituality

For questions on faith, spirituality and personal development, students can contact RAPENBURG100. Rapenburg100 offers many free activities such as social dining, meditations, theme weekends and religious orientation. It also offers courses, such as board training and ‘Processing Loss’. The staff are also available for a confidential consultation.

Creative development

LAK (Leids Academisch Kunstcentrum) offers a wide range of creative courses in the following categories: drama and presentation, dance, visual arts, music, photography and writing.

University Sports Centre

The University Sports Centre offers a wide range of sports as well as meditation and mindfulness lessons.

Academic activities

Studium Generale offers a wide range of academic activities, such as lectures, symposia, film screenings and debates. The Studium Generale programme is open to both students and staff.  

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