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Internationalisation in research

Leiden researchers work together with other researchers from across the world. The University has developed a regional policy focused on three specific regions with which we maintain intensive contact through a number of faculties: China, Indonesia and Latin America and the Caribbean.

Regional groups

We have appointed a regional steering group for each region. The regional group is responsible for bundling all Leiden University activities related to the region in question, and ensuring that Leiden experts and networks are optimally used in the region. The regional steering groups are each supported by a regional coordinator.

  • Regional group China
    Chair: Jasper Knoester, dean Faculty of Science
    Coordinator: Annemarie Montulet
  • Regional group Indonesia
    Chair: Wim van den Doel, Faculty of Humanities
    Coordinator: Marrik Bellen
  • Regional group Latin America and the Caribbean
    Chair: Paul Wouters, dean Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
  • Coordinator: Mara Constantinescu

League of European Research Universities

Within Europe, our most important collaboration is the League of European Research Universities (LERU). Leiden University is one of the twenty-three LERU universities. Across Europe, LERU promotes the interests of research-intensive universities and maintains close contacts with important players in European research policy.

Within LERU, a great number of policy groups and thematic groups are active in various fields, such as education, research, and HR. For more information on Leiden University activities within LERU, please contact Melissa Koops. For general information about LERU, please consult the LERU website.

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