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Course evaluation

Evaluating a course is done through a set procedure. Read the step-by-step explanation.

Step 1

At the start of each course, the SSC asks the course coordinator to submit the information needed for the course evaluation form:

  • name(s) of lecturers/workgroup teachers;
  • course objectives;
  • literature used;
  • list of workgroups;
  • extra questions (if applicable).

Please note that the questions on the front page of the course evaluation form cannot be changed. If the course coordinator does not submit the information by the deadline, the SSC cannot guarantee that the evaluation forms will be delivered on time.

Step 2

As soon as the course coordinator has submitted the course information to the SSC, the SSC sends the evaluation form application to LLInC. LLInC produces the forms and sends them to the SSC.

Step 3

Course with exam
If the course ends with a written exam, the SSC puts the course evaluation forms (and lists of workgroups) in the exam box.

Course without exam
If the course has no written exam, the course evaluation forms are handed out to students during the last lecture or workgroup session. In this case, the forms can be collected at the SSC. The SSC sends the course coordinator an email to inform him/her.

Step 4

The course coordinator (or invigilator present at the exam) collects all the filled out evaluation forms and makes sure that these are all submitted to the SSC at the same time. The SSC takes the forms to LLInC to have them processed.

Step 5

The LLInC conducts the analysis of the forms and sends the report of the evaluation by mail to the SSC. The SSC forwards the report to the coordinator of the course and to the secretary of the programme committee.

Step 6

Finally, LLInC returns the original evaluation forms to the SSC, where they are kept for 6 months and are then destroyed.

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