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Active learning spaces

Active learning is growing in popularity. The Pieter de la Court building has several teaching rooms for active learning.

Book an active learning space

  • The Living Lab (1B.01) can be booked using this form.
  • You can reserve the other rooms by sending an e-mail to Zalenbeheer FSW (these rooms may already be scheduled for regular education).

Living Lab (1B.01) 

The Living Lab is ideally suited for activating education. The space is easy to divide so that students can work together in groups without being bothered by other groups, for example in the red booths that have been added to the space. The furniture is light and movable, making it easy to change the arrangement of the space quickly. Furthermore, the Living Lab is equipped with all the AV equipment you need for hybrid events. 

Living Lab

Yellow Lab (SA.37)

The Yellow Lab is specifically designed for active learning activities. The space has movable furniture, computers with large screens, multiple whiteboards and a large interactive screen. The setup invites both the teacher and students to adapt the space to different types of learning activities. It allows teachers to adapt their didactics toward more active forms of work. Headphones are available for each student; these can be picked up by the instructor at the Service Desk before the start of the class. 

Yellow Lab

Hybrid Virtual Classroom (1A.15)

The Hybrid Virtual Classroom, in room 1A.15, has all the technology needed to smoothly deliver online and hybrid events. The room is equipped with two cameras, a ceiling microphone and an additional screen in the back. All AV equipment is easily controlled from the console near the teacher's desk. 

Other rooms (1B and 0B)

These working group rooms on the ground and first floor have been renovated since the most recent update and have been given a fresh look. When choosing the furniture in these rooms, consideration was given to being able to quickly adjust the arrangement with light chairs and movable tables. Otherwise, these are ordinary workgroup rooms.

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