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Develop your teaching skills @ FSW

Develop your teaching skills with a range of workshops and trainings. Or challenge yourself as a lecturer at the Honours Academy.

Honours education

Are you a lecturer at Leiden University? Are you interested in working with motivated honours students, experimenting with innovative educational methods, and developing your own skill set? If so, you can apply as a lecturer for the Honours education. The minimum requirement is that the BKO modules Teaching in practice and How to design a course have been followed. If interested, please contact teacher-professionalization@fsw.leidenuniv.nl.

Workshops and trainings

The FSW organises plenty of workshops and trainings for lecturers. Below you will find the current offerings.

How to improve your exam with psychometric data (4 June 11:00-12:00 incl. lunch)

Have you ever noticed the P’-score, Rir, Rit, Rat, Rar, and Cronbach’s alfa in Remindo? Have you ever wondered what they meant or what you should do about them? Please join SOLO for a workshop on 16 May or 4 June. Explore the significance of these psychometric indicators and learn how they can help you to enhance both your exams and question banks and increase the quality of your assessments.

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Mastering the art of test question design (4 June 12:00-13:00)
Unlock the secrets to crafting effective multiple-choice and open-ended questions while delving into the nuances of validity and reliability. You can bring your own questions or create new ones during the workshop. By the end, you'll not only enhance your question design skills but also leave with a set of thoughtfully crafted questions ready for your next exam.

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