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Peer feedback

Peer feedback is an increasingly popular learning method. In Brightspace you will find a number of peer feedback tools.

What is peer feedback and why should you use it?

Peer feedback consists of a learning method in which students give each other feedback with learning as the goal, giving them insight into the quality of their learning product or process and possibly finding areas for improvement. Peer feedback is mostly used formatively and can provide students with needed support through feedback without greatly increasing the workload for instructors.

Peer feedback is a powerful way for students to actively engage with the material, not only in their own processing, but also by looking at the other person's processing. Thinking about what could be done better and why helps students think about their own work. Encountering different perspectives on the same assignment also helps build their knowledge of the subject.

How can you organize peer feedback?

Peer feedback can be used in class, with students engaging in discussion during class. More often, peer feedback is scheduled outside of face-to-face meetings, where students have time to go through the papers and provide feedback in their own pace. An efficient way to organize this is through FeedbackFruits, a (peer) feedback tool integrated into Brightspace.

FeedbackFruits allows you to easily organize peer feedback for assignments in various forms, such as text, video or audio. The assignment can then be deployed synchronously during class or as an asynchronous assignment for outside of class. A third option is to have the assignment done asynchronously, but still give students the opportunity during lecture to discuss the feedback received and ask for clarification if necessary.

Want to know more?

Want to learn more about using peer feedback in your teaching or using FeedbackFruits? Then attend the workshop Harness the power of peer feedback with FeedbackFruits or contact SOLO.

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