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Quality of Education Guide

This page provides an elaboration of the university information on Quality Assurance in Education. It provides an insight into how we have organized educational quality assurance within our faculty; in dialogue with students, faculty, administrators, members of the council and policy staff. We do this annually at the level of programmes and faculty by:

  • Making plans about education (e.g. reviewing the curriculum, advising on teacher professionalization, establishing policy frameworks for education, etc.).
  • Carry out and evaluate teaching, where the Faculty Board aims to strengthen evaluation in dialogue (see also the FSW Guide to Quality of Education (only in Dutch))
  • Monitor whether we have succeeded in implementing plans (e.g., through the department annual report, quality resources, and the faculty programme's annual report)
  • Adjust plans and goals on the basis of the above (e.g. with the faculty education year agenda)


The FSW Guide to Quality of Education (only in Dutch) informs those involved in education about the tasks and responsibilities within the quality assurance system at FSW. Ideally, students, lecturers, members of the council, and administrators are well informed about how and when to reflect on (the quality of) education.

The guide provides information on:

  • the general principles of internal and external quality assurance;
  • the faculty principles in the field of educational policy and quality assurance, and the associated educational organization;
  • the main actors and instruments involved in quality assurance; including the
  • the tasks and responsibilities per actor;
  • the relationship between internal and external quality assurance.
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