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Other prizes and grants

In this section you will find a listing of national teaching awards, fellowships and grants.

Education professionals
By the lecturer
€ 50.000
10 September (for the letter of intent (the starting point of your application))

Education professionals in higher education can apply for a €50,000 grant to implement a teaching innovation within a subject or course. 

The themes for the upcoming application round (2025) for the Teaching and Senior Fellow projects are:

  • Education forms of the future
  • Student wellbeing
  • Societal issues
  • Open theme

Need help with your application?

Make an appointment with Anna Terra Verhage of SAZ. Laura Schneider (FSW Education Policy) is also available for advice.

Educational professionals with at least 5 years of teaching experience
FSW selects one project
€ 100.000
12 August (for the FSW selection)

Mid-level education professionals can apply for a €100,000 grant to implement an educational innovation within a faculty, major program or substantial component of a higher education institution. 

The themes for the upcoming application round (2025) for Senior Fellow projects are:

  • Educational Forms of the Future
  • Student welbeing
  • Social issues
  • Free theme

Faculty procedure Comenius Senior application

For the Comenius Senior application, only one nomination is allowed per faculty. The selection for FSW will take place on 20 August during the meeting of the programme directors with the vice dean (portfolio holder for Education). To participate in this faculty selection, a short project plan (approximately 1 to 1.5 A4) can be submitted to Laura Schneider at l.i.schneider@fsw.leidenuniv.nl no later than 12 August (23:59h).

The project plan should describe the following issues: the design and intended results of the project, which innovation is involved within education, on what scale and in what context the innovation will be implemented, the duration and budget of the project, and which roles and tasks are required. You must also coordinate your plan with your institute's education director. Notification of the outcome of the faculty selection will follow no later than 26 August.

It is possible to receive feedback on your project plan. Please contact Laura Schneider (FSW Educational Policy) to schedule a consultation between July 2 and July 19. Anna Terra Verhage (SAZ) is also available for this purpose. 

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