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List of course participants

Participant lists visible in Brightspace

Registrations are visible in uSis in the Brightspace course module. You can retrieve a participant list from Brightspace (instruction). If you want a uSis printout of the participants in your course, email the SSC.

Making changes to workgroups

Course coordinators can ask the SSC to combine small workgroups that are not full to create one bigger workgroup. Please send us a list of the students you would like to move soon after receiving the list of course participants. The SSC will make the changes in uSis and inform the students that they have been moved to another workgroup and that they can contact the course coordinator in case of any questions.
As soon as the changes have been made in uSis, the SSC will send the course coordinator an updated list of participants.

N.B. Please make workgroup changes only for reasons of efficiency and do not respond to requests from individual students. If a course coordinator does give a student permission to change workgroups, then the SSC will only register this in uSis if requested to do so directly by the course coordinator him/herself.

Admitting students after the deadline

Course coordinators should not allow students to still join their course after the registration deadline has passed. Please refer students that come late to the SSC. The SSC can advise students to submit a motivated request to the institute board, which will then decide whether or not the student can still join the course.

Do you need a list of participants?

It is always possible to ask the SSC for an early list of participants for your course, containing the students that have registered up until that moment, or to ask the SSC when they are planning to send you the definitive list.

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