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MOUs and other agreements

In order to facilitate international collaboration with universities or institutes outside of the Netherlands, there are several standard forms of agreements available. These agreements establish the terms of the agreement, help to facilitate activities, and offer protections to the participants.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) is a general agreement outlining institutions’ intention to collaborate. This document lists the participants and the types of activities that might be pursued. There is no obligation to implement these activities. The document can be seen as a list of intentions. An MoU always specifies that - should the participants wish to proceed with any of the proposed activities - a more detailed written agreement is required. The Leiden MoU includes a paragraph of generally accepted principles on intellectual property which covers any subsequent agreements.

Signing an MoU

Leiden usually signs an MoU when finalising other agreements, such as student exchange, except in the case of Erasmus+ contracts. All agreements signed at an institutional level - between Leiden University and a partner, rather than for a faculty of Leiden University - are signed by the Rector Magnificus and are managed by International Relations. For questions about University-wide MoUs or other agreements, please contact International Relations. Or take a look at our example agreement.

Other types of agreement

Other types of agreements include, amongst others, student, PhD or staff exchange, research collaborations and joint programmes.

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