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Activating and managing your account

You can activate and manage your account via Account Services. To make the best use of Account Services, it is important that you set your account properly the first time you use it.

First time you use your account

After you have received a letter or email about your ULCN account, you can use your account immediately.

Activating your account

When activating your account, there are several things you need to check or set. This is so that you can manage your account yourself via Account Services without the intervention of a helpdesk. You will be asked to enter and/or set up the following:

During the activating process you will receive a security code by mail or sms. You will see where and when you have to enter this code. Once you have set your password, your account is ready to use.

I can’t log in

You have received a user name and password, but you can’t log in. This could be due to the following: 

  • Your account has not yet been activated. Activate your account.
  • Your password has expired. Reset your password.
  • You are logging in with the wrong user name. Your (u)mail address is not your user name.
  • You have accidentally got CAPS LOCK on and your username and/or password are therefore being entered in capitals.
  • ULCN or the application to which you are trying to log in has a system failure. Check the system failure page for maintenance and failures. 

Contact a helpdesk if the above are not appplicable. 

Managing and changing your personal data

You can manage your account details via Account Services. When creating your ULCN account, the non-university email address and mobile number you gave to the staff administration will be shown. You can alter this information in Account Services. This does not mean they will be changed in the staff administration system. This information is not published anywhere. It is only used to manage your data in Account Services.

In Account Services you can also change your password or apply for your user name.

Registration of personal data

ULCN registers the following information on staff: 

  • name, address, place of residence
  • date of birth, sex
  • user name and password
  • appointment details

This information will be stored securely.

Publication of personal data on the website

Your name, email address and workplace information will automatically be shown op de website.

Phishing mails

Internet criminals try to find out your account details via email (so-called phishing mails). These messages give the appearance of having come from ULCN or Leiden University, but this is not the case. Or there is a link to a log-in page that looks remarkably like the real ULCN log-in page. Never answer such mail messages and never click on anything in the mails. Delete them immediately from your mailbox.

We never ask you for your account details. You may receive mail messages about the status of your ULCN account and password. Take a look at a sample message. If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of a mail you have received, never click on the links in the mail.  

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